This course focuses on English as a lingua franca, the development of a variety of Englishes and their functions and use in the increasingly globalized world of the 21st century. Candidates examine the world-wide scope of English use and teaching as well as the hegemonic position of English in the world today. In the course project, they will focus on the English of a context in which they may be teaching.

Emphasizing learning with 21st century skills, this course presents teaching principles and practices that are based on language acquisition research and on tenets of reflective teaching. Included are principles of planning activities and lessons using authentic materials, guiding language acquisition through interactive activities, shaping instruction to meet identified learner needs, and assessing achievement of learner outcomes. This course requires structured practice in a teaching context where candidates apply new knowledge and reflect on their teaching. This can be in a classroom, or with a learner, or a small group of learners. Candidates also identify a critical question of personal significance for their Culminating Professional Project.