Introduces MSL students to the structure of written legal analysis and the skills of legal drafting, and professional letter and email writing. Teaches basic legal citation and primary and secondary research skills. (3 credits)

Negotiation is a constant part of our professional and personal lives. Lawyers negotiate with opposing counsel, co-counsel, judges, clerks, clients, law partners, office colleagues and staff. Business people use negotiation to make and save deals; to secure supplies, assure services, keep customers and clients happy, maintain healthy work environments, build and repair relationships, and to settle disputes. Individuals negotiate at home, in the store and on vacation, with family, friends, and strangers. It is a constant part of our lives. Negotiation is something we have all practiced - with greater or lesser success - for as long as we have interacted one human to another. As a result, you come to this course with significant negotiation experience, if not expertise. (2 credits)

This course introduces MSL students to the study of law and prepares them for academic success in their upper level curriculum. After an initial intense focus on the fundamentals of legal reasoning and analysis, the course offers a general overview of the American legal system and examines the ethics rules that govern the work of lawyers and so profoundly influence lawyer-client interactions. (2 credits)