Practice teaching methods specific to the teaching of social studies. Develop an understanding of social studies and the purposes they serve. Exploration of issues in curriculum development. Survey methods of teaching; planning for teaching; study and research skills in social studies; professional and community resources for the social studies teacher; and current trends in social studies.

This is a graduate level course with graduate level expectations.

Participants increase their reflection skills through dialogue, writing, and examination of their personal beliefs about teaching and learning. They learn about and practice building community with class colleagues and in their workplaces. They explore how knowledge is constructed individually and socially.

This course provides the opportunity to read, discuss, and reflect upon various human development theories, theories of learning and teaching and issues of classroom effectiveness. The course specifically covers child/adolescent cognitive, personal, social and emotional growth; student differences; behavior, social, and cognitive learning theories; effective teaching principles; and assessment/evaluation. The overall purpose of the course is to develop a general understanding of psychology principles that are applicable for the teacher.