The 2010 NAGC standards include inquiry learning as a priority curricular option for gifted students. Inquiry is defined as the pursuit of an unanswered question that is grounded in primary research, and tends to be trans-disciplinary in nature. Participants in this class will explore the elements of quality inquiry, experience the inquiry process, measure the quality of exemplars of the inquiry process, and develop quality metrics to measure inquiry quality. Through this learning, participants will be able to implement and support inquiry learning with all of their students.

Gifted students, by virtue of their “special status” may fall prey to behaviors that put them at risk for not “meeting school expectations”, which is the definition of underachievement. Since there is no guarantee that they have the habits to achieve according to their own goals either, they will likely miss out on opportunities that would assist them in moving ahead as might be expected of students who may inhabit the same classes, complete the work as assigned and meet the school’s and their own expectations. This makes for considerable confusion for their teachers.

1 semester credit