This hybrid course is designed for literacy teacher candidates invested in using digital tools to amplify their writing pedagogy in the classroom. This course is framed by philosophies of multimodal composition, connected learning, and critical literacy. Connected Learning is an approach to learning that asserts that relevant and meaningful learning happens when a learner has a personal interest or passion they are pursuing. It aims to connect and create pathways between school, home, and community learning environments. Critical Literacy is a theory used to investigate how texts and language are socially constructed and not neutral. Critical Literacy offers ways of locating, analyzing, deconstructing, and reconstructing texts. Aligned with Hamline School of Education’s commitment to promoting equity in schools and society, at the core, both Critical Literacy and Connected Learning are focused on equity, social connection, and full participation for all learners (Ito et al., 2013; Vasquez, 2011).  

Participants conduct an action research project.  In the process, they learn to value their own voices and the questions they generate about their professional practice.  Engaging in action research enables participants to use structured inquiry as a strategy for enhancing learning environments.